What is Home Staging?
Home staging or real estate staging is basically removing unsightly clutter and artfully arranging existing furniture and accessories for a quicker, more profitable sale of a home. It includes advice on closet and garage organization, as well as, curb-appeal landscape improvement. It goes beyond what an agent is equipped to do and the results are nothing short of astonishing. Have you ever walked into room and felt immediately at ease? The space beckons you to enter and all of your senses are engaged. Something in your heart of hearts says, “This feels like home.” Yes, that buyer is wanting to feel goose bumps and hear the Hallelujah Chorus when they swing open that front door.

HOMEOWNERS and REAL ESTATE AGENTS:  Call Home Stager Terry Hopkins @ 407-803-2802 to discuss with no obligation your home staging needs.

Why should I have my home staged? 

  • You will sell it 78% faster, according to the Real Estate Staging Association national stats. That means 30 days on the market vs. 100 days.
  •  You will get 6 to 10% more money. That means if your home is worth $300,000, you stand to gain (or not lose on markdowns) $18,000 to $30,000.
  • Agents are much more likely to show a home that they know is staged.
  • 95% of homebuyers look online to decide which homes to tour. So, great photos attract more buyers to your home… lots more.

Your home will lose about 1% a month while on the market, according to Zillow. A vacant home must add carrying costs to that amount: mortgage, lawncare, HOA dues, electric, water, insurance, etc. Home staging services cost less than ¼ to ½ of 1% of home value. The DIY report is $150.

We have the tools and trained personnel to stage vacant and occupied listings to drive up the “Wow-Factor” and set your home apart from all the others. Look at the website photo portfolio.

Terry Hopkins services homes in the Orlando area.

1. Free 30-minute Consultation
2. Staging Report for DIY
3. Stage with Your Furnishings
4. Stage with Your Furnishings and Some of our Accessories
5. Vacant-Home Staging
6. Quick-Stage the Photo Session & Virtual Tour
7. Stage Vacation Rental Property

For information on pricing you may contact Terry Hopkins at 407-803-2802

Lisa Damerst

A townhome using existing furniture that sold in one day.  Decluttering and keeping it simple is key.


When staging a few updated accents can make a huge impression.  Remember a staged home sells 78% faster.  In California and New York the industry is doing great, Florida is up and coming in the staging arena.